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"Mike's credentials are clear for all to see. From his personal experience he has become an authority on the subject of franchising and it comes as no surprise to me that this book is the result. For all of you who are about to read this book, my guess is that by the time you’ve finished it, you will 'Get It' too."

David M Noble
Managing Director
Morgan Blake Solutions Ltd

'I found the book to be invaluable to be honest. It gave me the insight and confidence to get through the franchise process without paying huge fees to a franchise consultant. I have also enjoyed the process of doing most of it myself, therefore, learning and understanding more. It will definitely be by my side at all times as it's very early days for me.'

Nicky Adams – Full of Beans, Children's Fitness Franchise

Ask a hundred people what 'lean' means and you will get as many different answers. Lean means different things to many people. The following answers are some of the most common answers to the question 'What is lean?'

• Cultural behaviour
• A methodology
• Part of continuous improvement
• Waste reduction
• Method of operation
• Strategic focus
• Mindset
• Way of thinking
• Practitioner guidelines
• Academic philosophy
• The Toyota production system
• Company values

This book is about lean thinking. Its purpose is about providing the reader with a number of lean thinking ideas and low cost best practices to get their business into the franchise market safely with the minimum expenditure possible.

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Mike Hanrahan started a management business in the domestic cleaning sector in 1993. Ten years later, having some 400 cleaners representing his brand on a weekly basis, he founded Maid2Clean Franchise Ltd on a shoestring budget. 

In ten years Maid2Clean rapidly became the largest domestic services provider in the industry, demonstrating that lean thinking really can work.

Mike Hanrahan - Author of The Lean Thinker

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